Thursday, May 08, 2008

Blogger is Done'd!

It is over! I am saying farewell to this blog that I have held for so many years. This is, indeed, the last post it shall see. Andy and I have been working on a new website and finally have working the blog section of it (which is the mainpage). It isn't anything special like Johnson would have, nor really creative. It's simple and it's freedom. And it's brand-spankin new. If you do visit it and want to comment, I'll warn you now - you'll have to register yourself. Though, if you use Open ID, you can use that on our site easily enough.
So, get yourself over there and make some comments! I already have a first blog post up. I've also changed my 'notes' feed on facebook to the new site, so it'll be taking news from there now.

check it out.

Friday, May 02, 2008


Hello and good day!
Hope the warmer weather is cheering everyone up, at least some! The rain isn't ideal, but at least it's warm again!! Yay!
So, in the news: I'm learning how to stain! I'm excited. I'm attempting on the pine chairs we bought from ikea. We figured they'd be the cheapest things to make mistakes on, so I'm starting with their underside. Then I'll work on staining wood for shelves we want to build. I feel very productive! Eventually we'll get to our kitchen table, which will need to be stripped then re-stained. Then we build our own shelves! Yay! We'll see how adventurous we're able to get with that. Andy wants something to do the job (hold crap up), and I want something to also look nice and match the things we have already (coordinated look). We'll probably get on each other's nerves, but it'll end up working for both of us. :D
My health: I just had a doctor's appointment this morning, and my biochemical results (diabetes check, cholesterol check, hormone level check) all came back in normal order, so that's a very good thing. She said that with PCOS they typically check for 3 symptoms: biochemical symptoms, menstrual symptoms, and ultrasonic symptoms. I have 2 out of the 3, but that's not a bad thing (I'd rather have it the way it is, at any rate). She said that the cysts formed are not permanent damage to my ovaries, it just requires extra help in order for my body to ovulate on a regular basis and doesn't mean that my fertility will regress as I continue to have PCOS. That was good news. That's about all I have for my health.
Plans: Andy and I are now considering the Fall of 09 to move to Ottawa for me to do my studies. If you can spare a prayer for us, we'd appreciate more guidance and light on where we should be in the next year or so. We're feeling more strongly about this option than others we've been considering, but we're still not completely sure. I will hopefully be starting the GDRE (Graduate Diploma in Religious Education) program at Newman come this Fall, though. Only part-time (we still need a second income), but this should help fill some areas of study that I feel I need. Having some Religious Ed. background would be extremely helpful in a parish environment, cause no matter who you end up working with, there will always be some teaching involved somewhere. So as long as I'm approved to start, I'll be starting in the Fall. Pray that goes well :).
Other: there isn't much else. Andy's parents are hopefully coming the weekend of May 10th, and it'll be great to see them again. We're hoping to go camping on the long weekend (still figuring out where), and that's really about it! Well, except that it's less than 25 days until my birthday, that is. WOOHOO I'll be 26! Well, officially I'll have completed my 26th year, which is totally a reason to celebrate! I'm excited.

Anything new happening out there? Keep me posted on what's new for you!

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Woot woot! Christ is risen - Easter has come!

Yay! We had an awesome day today - nice big feast of a breakie, and a nice big feast of a supper! And not only that, but we still have a week of feasting to go! If you're looking for a great party, look no further than our 8 day celebration!!
Go and have that second piece of cake, or that extra cookie - Christ is risen and we should be celebrating! Break out that wine! Drink up, me hearties! There's lots yet to go!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Quick Update

Hello everyone!
Just a quick note - I updated my links to those pages that are currently active. If you regret being deleted, send me an email with an active site. Andy's still on there out of .... well ... spite, right now. We're currently working on a website for both of us, but it's still way in the works. Eventually it'll take the place of this blog, our original wedding site, and Andy's website (though his'll still be around for archive reasons...if you know Andy, you know about his backups and archives he keeps for kicks).
Other than that, things are going well enough. Busy. My mom'll be here for Easter, which'll be grand and fun. We'll be drinking lots of wine to celebrate Easter for 8 consecutive days. If you want to join in, just let us know before you show up :).
Other than that, nothing else is going on. Hope everything's well with all of you?

Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Thunder Show

Hey everyone!
Beyond all doubts, first thing's first: Check out the Thunder Show on (or the link to the right of nav bar). This guy, who calls himself Gary Vaynerchuk, is totally rad at exposing you to some pretty sweet sounding wines. Andy and I already have a list of different wineries that sound like they'd be good to check out for certain wines. If you like wine, check this show out. If you don't like wine but want to, check this show out. If you don't like wine and don't want to, check out this guy's personality - the first time 'round, it's definitely like being struck by something...loud & outgoing, so be careful, and stay past 15 or 30 seconds! I love his descriptions of how the wines taste to him. Oh, for a good summary of his personality and what the show's about, check out episode 125 . So that's that. Check it out, it's my new thing. It's totally awesome to put it on while doing dishes or cleaning or what have you. And keep track of the wines that sound good to you! Make a list! Check it twice. Well, once might be enough. But do it! Good stuff.

Other than that, Andy and I have a kitchen cart! We built it! Not from scratch, but from Superstore! And it was $250 cheaper than what we thought we'd have to pay for one! So I'm very excited. It's gonna work a wonder for me in the kitchen, and it's a nice investment for the suite.

That's about all that's new. Andy and I are gonna attempt our second batch of wine this weekend, we'll keep you on the nose about that. Our last batch is just about ready to be drunk, so let us know when you want to sample it and come on over!

Keep safe & keep warm